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Diario Uno – The Law Endometriosis: "It's not unusual for harmful menstruation"


severe pain that makes it impossible to maintain activities & # 39; day and heavy bleeding during menstrual period can & # 39; is indicative that something is not good. They call "the silent disease" and is one of the most common gynecological diseases among women in their fertile age, though unknown.

He called endometriosis and is set to affect 15% of women population in the world, but the lack of & # 39; official statistics prevents a clear picture & # 39; this disease.

Due to the naturalization & # 39; pain during menstruation, the diagnosis can & # 39; take several years leading to the disease continues and cause other complications in the body that affect the bladder, intestines or other organs.

In most cases, the diagnosis is known only when the woman seeking to become pregnant and can not conceive of it directly affects fertility.

retained projects and new opportunity

There are a few bills that were presented both in & # 39; Mendoza and f & # 39; & # 39 level; Nation to claim that this disease considered chronic pathology.

This qualification has great advantages for people who suffer from it, such as increased coverage in medicines, medical licenses and comprehensive medical approach.

National senator for San Luis María Eugenia Catalfamo presented project recently in Congress to the Medical Optional Plan contemplates detection, diagnosis, control, treatment, drugs and therapies & # 39; support .

While seeking support for this initiative, the collective women "Endometriosis Mendoza" will meet & # 39; Saturday 17 f & # 39; San Garibaldi and San Martin.

S & # 39; is Endometriosis

Society & # 39; the Endometriosis of & # 39; Argentina qualify as a "mysterious disease" but is considered benign.

Although its cause is not fully established, is generated when the tissue covering the part & # 39; inside & # 39; the uterus and grow every month to receive pregnancy is not eliminated through menstruation and the cells are kept in & # 39; other areas & # 39; uterus. organism

lesions may be found endometriosis in the pelvis, affecting the ovaries, tubes, ligaments supporting the uterus, the area between the vagina and rectum, outside the uterus and the pelvic cavity lining (peritoneju) . F & # 39; some cases, endometriosis can & # 39; found in surgical scars, intestines or rectum, the bladder, the vagina, the vulva, the cervix, etc. Less often, you can & # 39; locate outside the abdomen, such as lung or nose.

Living with Endometriosis

"The pain is so intense that every month I miss work week and take Tramadol," says Eliana, one of the organizers of the meeting on Saturday.

"All the time tell us that pain is normal timminimizzah but not like this, you tieqafha and you tferrexha to girls and versed girls, b & # 39; this way you can & # 39; go to a doctor and they jiddijanjostikawk fast because now the first thing to do is just give painkillers, "explains the woman & # 39; 47 years whose disease wassletha to take this action as a flag.

By & # 39; laparoscopic surgery, Elina discovered it in stage 4, the most serious, and repeating over and over slogan: "It's not normal that it hurts & # 39; many, it is unusual to throw yourself into Bed, you get several days & # 39; hemorrhage ".

It is not the only one, in profile & # 39; there are dozens of Facebook Endometriosis Mendoza & # 39; women who tell their stories. "It is violent when you feel that nobody is listening to & # 39; to you, that health workers do not even know about it," he explains.

Around the world, they call themselves "Endoguerreras", thousands of & # 39; women who suffer from this condition still kept under the rug because naturalization pain millennial as part of women's lives .

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