Saturday , June 25 2022

Diego Topa said goodbye to its classic program


Four & # 39; seasons, Diego Topa He became an idol & # 39; thousands and thousands of & # 39; children. Now just finished recording its fifth season & # 39; "Junior Express", has been added sad news: it was his last participation in the program.

It was through & # 39; social networks showed its gratitude and sadness to leave "Junior Express", That his last season will be seen the next year." Thank you for all of your life għażiltna days to grow along with & # 39; the most beautiful treasure, they are your children ", he wrote.

He thanked Disney to trust in & # 39; this project, and ended: "With laughter, songs and fun with & # 39; health managed to do classic in & # 39; these times, these five seasons will remain in the heart & # 39; everyone, until the next trip. "

It was in 2013 when it jumped to Topa & # 39; stardom. He became one of the favorite boys, who followed his character chapter after chapter, which saw captain traveling with & # 39; & # 39 crew; friends giving recitals. The success moved to other countries and even to the stage, as it turned out to give concerts for a room full of different theaters.


"The key is humor, music, good content"He said it means Last year, on the occasion of & # 39; visit. He added: "In working in & # 39; team, going to work with the band from Los RULO and I take another child, I think the Topa Captain has the wand, but there are a great team & # 39; people near to enable him ".

On the question whether it sees other things in the future, he replied: "I am so comfortable where I do not think about it, I will be before the camera until the body gives me. But I would also production The future and if I had to face another project, it is for the whole family, comedy, type "Big Pa", something like that, I do not want to move away from family audience ". Therefore, a stage idol is closed, another opens but undoubtedly other equally important.

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