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Donation & # 39; organs: the "Justina Law" was regulated and doctors m & # 39; should consult the family – 07/01/2019


The "Law Justina" is already a reality. By & # 39; presidential decree, published this Monday in the Official Gazette, the Law of the Transplantation & # 39; Organs, Tissues and Cells was governed. It was conducted by family Justina Lo Cane, daughter & # 39; 12 years who died waiting heart. And try to respond to 10 255 Argentina currently on the list & # 39; waiting for a transplant.

The family & # 39; Justina Lo Cane, during the vote on the law in the Deputies (Juan Manuel Foglia).

The family & # 39; Justina Lo Cane, during the vote on the law in the Deputies (Juan Manuel Foglia).

Law No 27 447 provides that "any person who has more than 18 years" is a donor & # 39; organ or tissue as possible, unless otherwise expressly stated. Then, before making a reduction, physicians should corroborate if the donor, in life, reported his denial, something that can & # 39; & # 39 made by; the INCUCAI, the RENAPER, Civil Registries, the Organizations & # 39; Provincial ablation and Implants, the Official Post Office, or digital profile Mi Argentina.

The regulations stipulate x & # 39; ll do if they refuse to perform relative reduction. Prior consultation on how to act if a husband / wife, father, son or refuse to grant the bodies of loved ones, are responding to the INCUCAI Klar that "the law respects the manifestation expressed (affirmative or negative) made in people 'lives. Thus, the deceased m & # 39; still responsible for taking the decision.

Keys to regulate

* Scope. The law will apply to "current practice" of the following: a heart transplant, the blood vessels, a & # 39; the valvular structures and & # 39; Other cardiac tissue; liver lungs; pancreas; intestines; Kidneys and ureters; osteoartikulari the system and musculoskeletal tissues; leather; cornea and sclera; the peripheral nervous system tissue; amnijotika membrane and haematopoietic progenitor cells.

To start a clinical trial and / or experimental practice, has requested authorization from INCUCAI, which is the authority for law enforcement.

* Total Coverage. The regulation & # 39; section 3 provides that "comprehensive care of the transplanted patient includes coverage & # 39; one hundred percent (100%) in the provision of & # 39; medicines, studies, diagnosis and practical a & # 39; treat & # 39; the state & # 39; & # 39 their health, those pathologies are directly related to the transplant. "

consulted by Klar, Speakers INCUCAI detailing that "should cover the social works and prepayments." And they add that, if a person does not have social work or prepaid, it is covered by the State, as provided for in Law No 26 928 Comprehensive Protection for Persons Transplanted.

Parents & # 39; Justina Lo Cane pushed for the law (Silvana Boemo)

Parents & # 39; Justina Lo Cane pushed for the law (Silvana Boemo)

* Presumed donors. Article 33 states that "the ablation of & # 39; organ and / or tissue can & # 39; made on any capable person who has more than 18 years, which is not expressly stated its opposition to mining a & # 39; organs or tissues after his death ".

The professional responsible must provide the relatives or dead relatives present in the establishment with the necessary information related to the donation process. Moreover, shall corroborate the lack of & # 39; negative expression of the case.

Justina Lo Cane was admitted to the Favaloro Foundation is awaiting heart.

Justina Lo Cane was admitted to the Favaloro Foundation is awaiting heart.

What about children?

According to the regulations, in the event & # 39; & # 39 deaths; children under 18 years, "the authorization for obtaining organs and tissues should be made by both the parents and the present person, or the legal representative of the child."

"In the absence of the persons referred to above, the intervention should be given to the Ministry of Pupillari, can & # 39; authorizes the deduction," the law continues.

The situation changes if the father or mother refuse donation. "The opposition & # 39; one parent eliminates the possibility of carrying out the extraction of the child body," says Article 34. According to sources & # 39; INCUCAI, rejecting & # 39; some of them "to suspend the process."

Law infringed records

The law became effective on 4 August. F & # 39; that month, recorded record: There were 88 donations & # 39; organs. During 2018, carried 701 INCUCAI process & # 39; 1,681 people donated and transplanted, which meant "historical brand & # 39; donors and transplants & # 39; organs in the country", the agency reported.

Justina Lo Cane with & # 39; her father, Ezequiel.

Justina Lo Cane with & # 39; her father, Ezequiel.

"We are very happy," he says. Klar Justina father, Ezequiel Lo Cane. "From the first moment we knew that once the law came into force, was a challenge to see if the expected results were met, they were met better than expected", he said

"The regulation is another administrative move is consistent with & # 39; what we have prayer, but there are always things to improve," she Ezequiel. Tireless, this man has already committed himself to a new project, the "Casa Justina". It is an area of ​​& # 39; restraint to be built in & # 39; seven & # 39; provinces and will host those awaiting transplantation or newly transplanted.

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