Friday , August 12 2022

Enable the Obelisk to the champion of the celebrations after Superfinali


The Bombonera will continue & # 39; closed until at least Monday b & # 39; decision of the Government of the Autonomous City & # 39; Buenos Aires (GCBA), after the public over excess notified Thursday during training & # 39; open door.

The club was notified this week about that determination, they informed them Telam institutional sources, and as a consequence, the team "xeneize" and their prejudice are not allowed to keep their game if they are champions of the Copa Libertadores de América Superfinal against River Plate.

"It was due to the excess of people on the stairs they issue & # 39; emergency, and excess people in the north and south grandstands, we will work to prevent recurrence" Daniel angelic, Shortly after closing.

In addition to La Bombonera, the City Government also closed access to the complex where Pedro Pompillio Sunday, local women's team received in Atlanta & # 39; 9 f & # 39; south.

The novelty regarding celebrations take place, both on the side of & # 39; Boca and on the River enabled Obelisk as epicenter of hullabaloo fans to celebrate, after some return trips from authorities & # 39; Buenos Aires, who wanted to avoid it.

So, fans of the team to leave the tournament Copa Libertadores can celebrate in & # 39; Corrientes and 9 & # 39; July, as announced by the Security director in Sport Sciences Business nation, Guillermo Madero.

"After 21, when the game ends, the Obelisk will light up with colors of champion and was chosen to centralize people's holidays, which usually go in & # 39; that place to celebrate"Madero explained.

Before closing the Bombonera, and River will have exceeded the capacity of & # 39; its stadium because there will be a revolution, Safety & # 39; Buenos Aires decided to centralize the holidays there.

• How the cuts will be in about

The government & # 39; Buenos Aires implement traffic restrictions in & # 39; beam & # 39; ten blocks in the area of ​​the Obelisk to facilitate the movement of & # 39; those who will celebrate the triumph & # 39; Boca or River.

The cuts are planned around the streets Leandro N. Alem, Paseo Colón, Entre Ríos and Callao, between Belgrano and Cordoba.

F & # 39; this area, people just can circulate and groups circulating in the area to modify their routes.

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