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Epson's latest – 25/11/2018


Hours before the end of & # 39; Saturday & # 39; after between River and Boca, directors of CONMEBOL were actors & # 39; another time unusual: They gave Ezequiel Melaraña, president of Tigre, badge Victoria club would receive six years ago for his second place in the 2012 Sudamericana. Another surprising fact? Gianni Infantino, the highest authority of FIFA was also part of the event.

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"The cast is marretx Argentina to receive recognition as a finalist of the contest was won San Pablo, there were situations outside the show that had forced the suspension of the game before the start of the second half ", explained the agency on its official page. And Alejandro Domínguez, papa de la CONMEBOL, added: "He does not do anything but do justice in football."

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"I feel honored b & # 39; this delivery is nothing more than a large campaign recognition team in & # 39; that championship and over the years has great value, thank CONMEBOL, chaired Alejandro Dominguez, who also said "He made us justice," Melarana horizon. At least it …

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Some pictures & # 39; the scandal in 2012. (REUTERS / Paulo Whitaker)

San Pablo received the Cup at the time. (REUTERS / Nacho Doce)

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