Thursday , December 9 2021

Father photographed without his daughter knew it was captured symptom of his leukemia


The little Izzy He was in hammocks when, in & # 39; suddenly, drop & # 39; asleep. Her father saw it and took a photo & # 39; that time of the offer without you know that was a sign that the baby was not doing well. A week later, doctors found leukemia.

"It was just another afternoon on the park, was hamac√°ndose, turn and earning & # 39 ;. I did not attach much importance, I thought it was a beautiful moment and took a picture"Dave Fletcher, father of the baby – which was & # 39; years – said the foreign media." Then I realized that I had to sign & # 39; something more sinister. She was tired, cold and had some bruises on track, but we assumed that everything was part of childhood ", he recalled.

Izzy, during chemotherapy sessions. F & # 39; May treatment & # 39; maintenance finish.
Izzy, during chemotherapy sessions. F & # 39; May treatment & # 39; maintenance finish.

After diagnosis, the little British girl last 570 dose & # 39; chemotherapy and is now in the maintenance therapy to prevent cancer re & # 39; back. Because of this, Dave decided to tell its story and warn other parents to be careful. In their case, they took Izzy doctor when they found strange rash on his leg. They did blood tests and were told to come back in a few days to see results, until the eruption does not worsen, what happened.

"You get very sentimental when looking at pictures & # 39; before being sick, realize all that passed by being so small, it has grown a lot in a short time and gave her medicine did not like but it has easy", the father said. "The diagnosis affect us but we were lucky to found soon. Type & # 39; leukemia has better chances of suffering & # 39; Recovery from others and is very small, which also helps, "he reflected.

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