Sunday , April 2 2023

Federico Bal travels to Los Angeles to present "Rumbo al March"


Federico Bal will be present at the gala opening of the Argentine film On the way to the sea, Coordinating with & # 39; his father Bal Santiago, at the Egyptian Theater in & # 39; Hollywood, Los Angeles, Friday 30 & # 39; November, f & # 39; which the singer describes itself as one of the most important events of his career.

The film, led by Nacho GARASSINO and produced by Hernán FINDLING and Oliver Kolker, will participate in expectations with Cinematography American, which attend critics and personalities from industry & # 39; Hollywood and are generally used to cut film will participate in the Golden Globe in 2019, as is the case & # 39; animals, The angel, my masterpiece and The last dress.

On the way to the sea was killed in & # 39; habitats province & # 39; Tucuman, on scriptural & # 39; Juan Faerman, and tells the story & # 39; Julio (Santiago Bal) who, having been diagnosed a few weeks & # 39; life, decides to undertake an adventure & # 39; the last and epic.

S & # 39; is the man wants is his son Marcos (Federico Bal) – Lasting immature that it had always distant relationship – brings on his motorcycle to fulfill his desire frustrated: to know the sea , s & # 39; now from Tucuman living, but to the delicate state of health of young people is not easy or quiet trip, although most outstanding topics between the characters are closed.

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