Monday , November 29 2021

Felipe Fort of & # 39; 420 dollars a famous YouTubers and told him the story of his family


B & # 39; more than 30 million subscribers in its channel, Rubius is one of the most recognized people of the moment.

However, sure that the young of & # 39; 28 years who was born in Malaga never imagined is that on the other side of & # 39; Atlantic the child to talk and decided to give it anything less than 60,000 pieces (about 420 dollars) was Felipe, one of the heirs & # 39; Ricardo Fort.

"Does your family feel safe to send so much money? "Asked the YouTubers, Confused about who was on the other side of the line.

"The & # 39; credit card is an extension, then I & # 39; explain"Replied the boy, who acknowledged he was" super nervous ".

"I am nervous, do not know if all this is legal what we are doing? " Rubius between laughter.

"My Dad went to the United States, to Los Angeles, California, to us through & # 39; surrogate belly. My dad was like a celebrity, so to speak, and recently, 25 & # 39; in November, five years after his death, "said his personal story..

"The factory is created by my father, who was also called Felipe Fort, and the company has Fel Fort. So now I part company & # 39; my sister ", he added.

"Very powerful, in my life, I heard this story, "sensitize The YouTubers with his story.

"One of the things I would do when he grows up, I thought that people can go and send as you want to be chocolate. He also had ideas like buying & # 39; & # 39 shares in, companies, "he said about what he wants to do in the future and his plans for the family business.

However, Rubius theIt għarrafni not to think so much about those things now and enjoy your childhood. "At least until iddajt 18", It recommended b & # 39; almost as a father.

"Well Felipe, was pleased to meet & # 39; you, see you crack and go well ", said kindly Rubius at the end of the game, has moved from personal history & # 39; one of the artist's heirs mind.

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