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Fernando de la Rua remains & # 39; severe: failed attempts to remove the respirator – 01/07/2019


The former president Fernando de la Rua It is still in & # 39; & # 39 room, intensive care in an Australian hospital, in the city & # 39; Pilar, which was transferred to 1 & # 39; in January due to a lung infection which complicated his cardiovascular condition.

According to sources & # 39; near the radicalism – President & # 39; consulted before a Klar, The state of your health still critical, because three failed attempts & # 39; estubwazzjoni remove the artificial respirator.

For that reason, it is planned to be tracheotomy this one Tuesday His respiratory situation poses the greatest difficulties.

On Monday him Breast tomography to reassess pneumonia: his heart part is stable, but its respiratory situation remains complicated.

In the only medical report issued by the Australian Hospital to the media, Thursday 3, specified that upon entry into the health center the former president "presented a picture & # 39; respiratory infection worsened cardiovascular disease earlier. He had coronary angioplasty to help his heart. "

In addition, they indicated that it was "Sedation and mechanical ventilation in the critical care area".

The next day, Friday 4, those adjacent revealed that he had "a slight improvement, with medication reduction".

On 12 December, the former president was dinner at the end of the year which was last seen in public. Klar He knew & # 39; some guests, on the one hand, were very animated and asked for toast in the welfare of the country. But on the other hand, are also seen to be physically depleted.

De la Rua had already admitted in & # 39; last October, affected by a heart condition. Having suffered a myocardial infarction, was admitted at that time in the Diagnostic Institute and the medical team & # 39; Luis de la Fuente performed angioplasty.

F & # 39; May, the former president had another heart attack, so doctors at the Otamendi sanatoriums poġġuh two stents.

The former president was present, f & # 39; November of last year, at a gala held by the G20 at the Teatro Colón. He appeared in & # 39; box next to his wife Inés Pertiné.

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