Tuesday , July 27 2021

Find dead of dentist boyfriend disappeared from Wednesday

Gisella lacks on last Wednesday, when she is arguing with its partners

Gisella Calle Solís has 47 years, is a dentist and was last seen last Wednesday, when she was a strong argument with her partner, Casimiro Abel Campos, who committed suicide by firing himself in the head this morning, when He approached the police Catedral Hotel where the man was staying. They lived in it



The Silver


"It is supposed that after that fight March March Trelew (Chubut), but when ċempellu police said it was x & # 39; anywhere on the Coast and that he would appear Saturday to testify in the fourth & # 39 of Police Station & # 39; Berisso – where the complaint was filed – although it was not yet and does not respond to the mobile phone, "added Roberto, the woman's brother, in statements to the agency Telam.

Campos, whom Gisella crossed relationship & # 39; six years had ended the discussion, explained that it "emerged from the house after her that would not separate" and when he returned home the "closed doors" .

Gisella was found that Campos had a "double life", although he accepted it and decided to continue with the couple. Both had plans to change the house to share.

When the family began the search, the same Wednesday, the fourth & # 39; Police Station & # 39; Berisso, 48 free communications were asked to submit a complaint, which, just last Friday, began the search.

The search continues

The area of ​​Gisella yet unknown, which, according to her relatives, wore clothes and m & # 39; has no documentation on it. The last contact with Gisella was on Tuesday evening when his brother Roberto called it to speak. They agreed to talk the next day but never went back to attend.

"On Wednesday qomt and ċempajtha, but she rajtnix, iddajtajna again Thursday and is turned off, so sent my nephew home, but she never opened the door," explained Roberto.

His nephew ensure that inside the house glasses were dirty and the house was disordered, and gives no indications returned in & # 39; that place.

According to the family, they sought all hospitals in the area to exclude hospital accident and possibly because they have their documentation on them. According ħuhha, home "everything was in & # 39; Chair", though some money was missing "from the operation undertaken last Monday".

neighborhood neighboring states seen to leave the home Campos & # 39; Gisella Wednesday morning. Then Gisella not shown to work, and left to its patients without notice. Any information you & # 39; located 0221-156207807 or by calling 0221-4231403.

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