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Florence and a moment of tension with V & # 39; Hernán Lombardi

In the Mirtha program, criticized the actress Gabriela MICHETTI Source: Archive

The – table & # 39;

Mirtha Legrand

Sunday included, among its guests,

Flower V

and the holder of the Federal System of Public Media and Content,

Hernán Lombardi

, Who carried sharing & # 39; tension around



The situation began when Mirtha consulted its invited would accompany

Mauricio MACRI

in – a formula. t

2019 election

and Lombardi replied that, due to "question & # 39; balances", is likely to be a woman. Prior to that comment, the hostess tried to bring the officer to give a specific name, and Flor de la V firing: "Unless MICHETTI …".

Source: Archive

Lombardi, who was sitting next to the actress, said the vice president "is also a candidate", and Mirtha said the officer Cambiemos "done a good job". But Flor de la V continued: "Do nħobbix, neither his thoughts, neither the things said about women and certain subjects … Do not share anything." This year was decisive to know Most of the people we have in Congress, we must not forget. "

And, having said that there is a & # 39; officials do not want to belong more to the Congress, is shot: "Aside from thinking b & # 39; a different way, I think there are people who have neskoraġġixxu because I believe …" . F & # 39; that moment, interrottha Lombardi: "Allow" Delete "is a word that we should try to avoid Argentina and its history, please not to use the word" eliminate "in any sense."

Sol Pérez

, Who was also at the table, came and explained that using the & # 39; that word, the actress was referring to "eliminate that kind of & # 39; thinking". In turn, Flor de la V added: "Jidhirni much more serious for me what do those people that what I said now."

In – time replied, referring to Lombardi -. T

debate was generated over abortion

, And commented: "I share your view on that point but we owe other and the lack of & # 39; accord".

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