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Follow doubts about the enigmatic asteroid Oumuamua after they found radio signals containing


The researchers at the SETI Institute did not find artificial radio signals on the surface of & # 39; this object rock stirrer scientists, not yet exclude that is & # 39; foreign nature.

Long-term observations of the asteroid Oumuamua at the time of the approach to the World exclude the presence on the surface of & # 39; any artificial source & # 39; radio waves or other signals, but it can not be ruled b & # 39; definitively that this object is unnatural extraterrestri origin. This was the conclusion of the Astronomical Institute of the SETI (Search for Extraterrestri Intelligence), seeking forms of & # 39; intelligent life in the universe.

The importance of & # 39; Oumuamua is that it is the first asteroid discovered that not from the Solar System, and his strange behavior even led some scientists to consider the possibility that it was a foreign ship.

In a study to be published in the journal Acta Astronautica of & # 39; the following February, with the SETI researchers explained that the scope used & # 39; antenna & # 39; Allen Telescope Array (ATA) to try see artificial radio transmissions comes from Oumuamua. The observations were made between 23 & # 39; November and 5 & # 39; December, 2017, and consisted of scanning celestial body in search for this type of & # 39; signals. Could not find anything, although specialists sought emissions & # 39; energy even lower than those issued by our cell phones.

"We were looking for a sign that showed that this object incorporates some technology, which was & # 39; artificial", explains Gerry Harp, the main author of the study, in article SETI. "Do not encountered these emissions, despite a fairly thorough search," said scientist, noting that the findings of the institute & # 39; research with jiddeskrivewx b & # 39; conclusively that the asteroid can & # 39; have no natural origin.

Nature & # 39; Oumuamua ( "first messenger" in Hawaiian) was surrounded by mysteries from the day it was discovered by astronomical at the University & # 39; In Hawaii & # 39; October 2017. After noting changes in its speed of displacement, the Center of & # 39; Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysics (USA) came to suggest recently that aseteroid can & # 39; in fact "probe" intentionally sent to the World "To an alien civilization."

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