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Follow the trail of mobile journalist killed in & # 39; hotel


Martin Licata

The phone would be activated several days after the murder

The movement of the mobile phone of the journalist Martín Nahuel Licata, that night was recognized in the morgue as a young man who was killed Saturday last in temporary shelters in & # 39; Film, is one of the indications investigators follow to meet the woman who would kill him. judicial and police sources reported The smartphone & # 39; Licata, a & # 39; 27 years, not found in the observation of the hotel, on Calle Ramón Falcón 3065, but the family of the journalist commented publicly that the cell phone was active at least four days after the crime.

Mariel Licata, sister of the victim, explained that the phone has not received WhatsApp messages sent to it, but, in & # 39; an event, someone replied – without speaking – one of the many family calls made to find Martin . Moreover, in & # 39; one point received a message from line & # 39; brother asked where unknown person.

"Someone that has not found a mobile phone with the victim and we believe that one of the possibilities is that the woman accompanying him took it & # 39; away", said one of the researchers to Telam.

All this information about the phone activity, messages and incoming and outgoing calls and the opening of antennas to know the geolocation of the device was followed by César prosecutor Troncoso, the Prosecutor's Office criminal and Correctional 5, which had charged a cause for the locality & # 39; Licata. Judicial sources indicated to Télam that Troncoso turned all of his file proceedings to his colleague Marcelo Roma, the Prosecutor's Office 3, which was Saturday the investigation into the murder of & # 39; Young NN Flores found in the hotel.

Rome and the Detectives Division & # 39; Police homicides City working on the event & # 39; trust the identity of the victim can approach the woman who escaped from the hotel after entering with the journalist, who has worked in news portals.

"The hotel security camera monitor, but do not register, cameras are reviewing the block and nearby areas to get some video of girl", said another researcher to Telam.

The journalist's body was found Saturday afternoon. According to judicial sources, the young woman, about 25 years, said the employee & # 39; concierge that her partner had stayed in the room while she was taking a shower and retired.

When the hostel staff went to check the room, found that the dead man and among his belongings was found no documentation. The victim was marked by hand with socks and b & # 39; signs that are hanging. According to detailed sources consulted, the man was strangled with pants & # 39; under his own, appeared wrapped around his neck and attached to & # 39; stick & # 39; wood as tornjett.

"The autopsy confirmed as cause of death by mechanical asphyxia & # 39; compression," a judicial source told Telam.

Licata, who wrote under the pseudonym of & # 39; Martín D & # 39; Amico in magazine
Hegemonija and portal
, and has been studying the CBC to enter the career of Philosophy at the UBA, was wanted by Saturday, when he last appeared in the morning in the neighborhood of & # 39; Floresta.

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