Wednesday , March 22 2023

Following the controversy, Urtubey donate his salary to charities – Télam


Juan Manuel Urtubey he would give his salary to entities & # 39; & # 39 public good; that province, after the controversy generated this week when it claimed that the salary received by a public civil servant is unable to survive.

"I can not get the governor's salary to live. Fortunately, dedicating myself to agricultural activities, Urtubey said on the channel LN + yesterday, and wave & # 39; faced criticism, forcing Peronist leader publish message on social networks announcing: "I decided to give my salary governor for bodies & # 39; public good of my province until the end of my mandate".

The governor, who is part of the non-Kirchner Peronist sector, added: "I repeat that thanks to our private activity, the policy is not the basis of my life and my family. It ngħixx from politics. I live for politics ", remarked.

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