Friday , August 12 2022

Ford Argentina: "By 2019 we prudently optimistic"


DWithin the framework of & # 39; entertainment Ford Argentina make releases per year and where f & # 39; this occasion launched launch will launch the brand in 2019 with the F150 and F150 Raptor, the President Mr Group, the North American Ford & # 39; South Gabriel López It's a few words about x & # 39; was the year 2018 and expectations for 2019.

The Executive stressed that 2018 was an interesting year; "Starting with expectations & # 39; presumably record. By the month & # 39; May were moving nearly 1 million annualized units and we had some last peak of one million units and then what happened happened: sadly significant economic adjustment"And continued"The devaluation was significant b & # 39; slightly more than 110% accumulated s & # 39; now that inflation has been significant and obviously the automotive industry had to adjust its prices quickly to accompany the devaluation and try to keep at least a portion of the level & # 39; margins that we had at the beginning of the year and critical to enable & # 39; continue to keep the business going and obviously you can & # 39; maintain investment & # 39; forward"Sentenced Lopez.

Guillermo lopez vGabriel Lopez, president of Mr Group, the Ford America & # 39; South, gave the press an opportunity to celebrate the fact that the brand & # 39; every year makes this sector

The President of the Southern Group Latin America despite these difficulties said that the brand has continued to invest nearly 30 million dollars in the modernization of the assembly line to further improve the products they offer. But it was not the only thing "We have also invested nearly 30 million dollars nazzjonalizza to more than 100 components & # 39; Ranger, joins this program & # 39; awtopartista promoting the government seeks to promote by law & # 39; the awtopartiżmu"

On the other hand added "Another thing we did was inaugurating a new repository & # 39; spare parts, we have invested about 4 million dollars by deposit & # 39; spare parts enabling leading level & # 39; service to customers through dealers and to maintain a percentage of & # 39; compliance in the first times higher than 98.5%; suppose a & # 39; level and & # 39; class"

Ford PlantFord Argentina has invested 30 million dollars in modernization of the line & # 39; assembling

He also commented on the effort they were doing in & # 39; & # 39 terms, social responsibility, with the program & # 39; schools have been carrying for some 50 years and started a long time with & # 39; & # 39 group; Visionary dealers and team & # 39; Ford management wanted to help the number of & # 39 country buildings, schools throughout the length and breadth & # 39; of border areas and that this program is still in force.

Regarding his vision for the next 2019, he predicted: "The truth is that we are optimistic with & # 39; caution, we think that after the second quarter the industry will begin to improve; in principle slow first quarter start perhaps with the current level & # 39; about half a million annualized and already from the second quarter improvement and the rest of the third and fourth & # 39 ;. Of course there are some things that must take place; One is that the harvest is good because if there is no income from foreign exchange will complicate, this was one of the problems we had in 2018, consequently they are critical to start the economy, of course starts in the interior and is so that our attention as always Ranger"Concluded the president.

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