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Former CIA agent Tony Mendez, the film Argo heroes rescue of diplomats in Iran, died

Former CIA agent Tony Mendez, Who planned a ingenious rescue operation of diplomats of the United States in Iran in 1980 and inspired the movie "Argo", Died this Saturday, according to his family.

The former spy & # 39; 78 years ago fighting the disease for more than 10 years. Parkinsontold her family in a statement on Twitter from her literary agent Christy Flecther.

Mendez died at & # 39; medical facility in Frederick, Maryland, near Washington, according to media & # 39; the United States. He will be buried in & # 39; & # 39 in Nevada, private ceremony.

He came into the CIA when it was recruited in 1965, spent & # 39; the career of & # 39; His 25 years working with & # 39; hidden way in the Cold War scenarios, including the Soviet Union. Agents secrets are disregarded to help with a & # 39; hidden and false documents, as revised in his book "The Isbiħ Captain, My Secret Life in the CIA" ( "Master of Names: My Secret Life for CIA").

in 1979When the Iranian revolutionary took hostages at the embassy of the United States in Tehran, a group of diplomats managed to escape from a hidden door and emerged at the Canadian embassy.

Tony Mendez, an expert in & # 39; covert operations and extractions, then drew a uncertain rescue operation, which for years was an appendix to the crisis in which 52 hostages were seized in Iran for 444 days.

The plan was launched in & # 39; Hollywood production & # 39; Fake science of wiring"Argo", traveled to Iran are claiming to look for places and return to the United States with hostages, and make them look like & # 39; Team members & # 39; shooting. On 27 January 1980, thanks to a fake Canadian passports, six diplomats could allow safe and Iran.

The history & # 39; that life inspired the film suspended "Argo", directed and best the American Ben Affleck, who won the Oscar for best film in 2013.

The Secretary of State of the United States and the former head of the CIA, t Mike PompeoHe called Mendez "intelligence officer & # 39; incredibly talented ".

"Removing & # 39; the US by the Islamic Republic & # 39; Iran in 1980 was just one of their many achievements," he added.

Ben Affleck, Who had the role of & # 39; Tony Mendez f & # 39; "Argo," defined as dead "true American hero"The actor wrote:" He was a man with extraordinary elegance & # 39;, decency, humility and eagerness. I am very proud to have worked for him and told one of his stories. "

Mendez wrote many books. The last one, made with & # 39; his wife, Jonna, who was also a member of the CIA, will be published in & # 39; May. It is entitled 'Rules & # 39; Moscow: The tactics CIA secrets that helped America win the Cold War "(Rules of & # 39; Moscow: The tactics of secret CIA helped the US win the Cold War).

(B & # 39; information & # 39; AFP and AP)

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