Sunday , December 5 2021

Girl & # 39; 3 years diagnosed with & # 39; breast cancer – Aire de Santa Fe


The mother of the child started noticing strange things in the body & # 39; his daughter, so he took her doctor. It is the first case breast cancer a girl.

the – breast cancer It is the lot of women suffer foot.

80% of cases occur in & # 39; women older than 50 years. The specialists recommendation is that after 30 years, annual checks carried out.

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Now, there is a strong case that raised alarm. Girl has been diagnosed with a & # 39; three years breast cancer. The Chinese girl called Yanyana taken to the hospital by her mother, having observed sticky red spots on baby shirt. As the days passed, increased. Then, he discovered mobile sum in left chest.

After several analyzes, the specialists decided to perform surgery. They removed the carcinoma, which is a type of & # 39; breast cancers grow slowly. When performed the biopsy, they found that the disease was not developed in & # 39; other parts of the body of the girl. Now, the child recovered with & # 39; favorably and was released.

It is the first case of & # 39; breast cancer given in & # 39; women. So generated great concern in society, now began research to learn more about it, and take action on the matter.


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