Monday , May 23 2022

Gold WhatsApp, the return & # 39; false version of Messenger that hides virus


The hoax started in 2016 again & # 39; back into circulation this year: about an invitation to download "Gold" version or "Premium" of & # 39; WhatsApp, Application & # 39; instant messaging, which in reality is a virus.

Supposedly, this messenger version offers exclusive features and advantages, the original application m & # 39; has. Of course, it is false: all seeking is that people install this malware from strange link and non-official platform, App Store or Google Play for Android or iOS respectively.

One of the pictures for people to install this virus.
One of the pictures for people to install this virus.

In addition to this link to download a special version of the supposed messenger, there are also chains that seek to "prevent" damage. "Today the radio was talking about Gold Watshap and it is true, there is a video that will be released tomorrow at & # 39; Wattsap and is called Martinelli, does not open, go to your phone and anything that makes you will not jiffissah, spreading if you know the message if you receive a message to update WattSapp Gold * M & # 39; have-open! They just announced that the virus is serious, all ċaqlaqhom, "says one of the messages circulating. WhatsApp is so insserjuż to mention three different ways.

Among the false promises of this alternative application is Send up to 100 images at a time, delete messages longer and, most importantly, more emojis. A while ago there was a "Plus" version of the messenger, who was not even legal: users who had installed were removing it from their computers to be able to block the bill.

Message in English to be people install fake WhatsApp.
Message in English to be people install fake WhatsApp.

As you & # 39; to prevent this kind of & # 39; Attacks? Not installing & # 39; unknown applications. Nor should nikklikkjaw on strange links to pages that send us a f & # 39; WhatsApp chain. And if we nstallaw another version of messenger? M & # 39; have to do this: it is always scams.

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