Saturday , December 4 2021

Google and Apple have revealed the list of the best applications of 2018



The list for the apple company is managed by YouTube, Followed by Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger and Facebook, Respectively.

In the event & # 39; Bitmoji, mostly set by 2017, which showed a decline puts sixth. It has Snapchat application which allows users to create Emojis like them.

Facebook managed to stay & # 39; among the first places, despite the problems he had faced, b & # 39; sharp criticism for management to make regarding the privacy of millions of & # 39; its users.

The photo theme remains & # 39; among the favorites & # 39; users, by Facetune applying pay more popular. Similarly, Kirakira +, Which allows you to add special effects & # 39; photos and videos, ranked second, according to information provided today by California.

Regarding games, popular Fortnite remains & # 39; the preferred, while second place for Helix Jump, a game in which players drive the ball falling & # 39; by & # 39; maze.

The third place was for Rise Up, A game that allows players to protect bladder obstacle.


In the event & # 39; Android, Drops, An application to learn languages ​​took first place in & # 39; terms & # 39; & # 39 amount; downloading. This allows you to learn 31 different languages.

Among the more fun it seems Vimage, Which allows you to withdraw the images b & # 39; moving and interactive elements.

One surprised during 2018 was Gently, Which was finally chosen as the best detection. The app has the peculiarity that allows to discuss a way & # 39; other people b & # 39; common interests.

Similarly, Player Battlegrounds Mobile Unkonw (PUBG), the main competition & # 39; Fortnite, classified as the first app vidjowgejta most listed.

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