Monday , September 26 2022

Google Maps: How to start using the service of your messages | Technology and science | News


A week ago, Google Maps now announced that their users will be able to communicate directly with businesses that appear on their map. This will be possible thanks to the integration platform in your Google My Business application.

The new feature is being gradually integrated in users worldwide. F & # 39; country, there are already some people who are using the service, so it is helpful to know where and how to find you & # 39; & # 39 talking with; managers and owners & # 39; different local businesses.

If you update previously mentioned, you simply open the application Google Maps, Search and find business you want to send a message and finally touch the icon of the message appearing on the card & # 39; company information.

As shown in split screens plus & # 39; this note, the map service offers pop-up window. This is a box & # 39; dialog where you & # 39; send your message. When specifying your question or terminate your conversation, you just have to fill the window on the side to get & # 39; back to the map.

And ready. It is as simple as sending a message to a local business Google Maps. If you do not find the option in your application, you have to be patient and wait for the service to update its functions on your device. Moreover, we must keep in & # 39; take for granted that companies must also activate this option through the Google My Business application.

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