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Griselda Siciliani revealed its problem with & # 39; & # 39 Juan Darthés in; "Ugly Ducklings"


Griselda Siciliani visited Intrużuri and he remember his last ugly Ducklings, The band of children starring Laura Esquivel was furor in 2007. He said he had a good experience with & # 39; Darthés Juan, who had with him a couple, and why until now he never spoke with him again.

"Fittijt something strange about it and decided that I protect myself. There were situations that turning a blind eye. I stopped talking to him. We had professional differences, were from the theater and soap operas. Had looked the way towards the scenes, and when it was not like anything, the deal was not good"He said.

The former Adrián Suar it commented that "there was no possibility of & # 39; harassment". So when Jorge Rial-consulting CALU Rivero, Which is supported on publicly denunja "I banked her because unprotected and made me want to not take it seriously. But it was not just CALU, many girls talked. "

Juan and Griselda, one stellar couples & # 39;
Juan and Griselda, one stellar couples & # 39; "Ugly Ducklings".

F & # 39; December 2017, Griselda wrote in its social networks "even if m & # 39; no evidence, harassment is violence and those who have it have the right to jgħiduha." Its message began Rodolfo producer Stoessel, who worked with ugly Ducklings.

"You can not tell what to say about Juan, you're far, hypocrite and mentir. Working together in ugly Ducklings and I know you very well … or minsiebek account to operate your nose in the middle of filming? Of You & # 39; shame! "He said, and made it clear that he did not share his position on his former partner.

The tweet came & # 39; fury in the manufacturer & # 39;
The tweet came & # 39; in fury at the manufacturer & # 39; "Ugly Ducklings".
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