Monday , May 23 2022

Hantavirus: there are already 23 confirmed cases


The – Ministry of Health – Health & # 39; Chubut update – program. T number & # 39; & # 39 confirmed cases; Hantavirus, more than a month after the declared "epidemiological contingency" in the province.

As reported, there are 23 positive cases, one of which corresponds to the case of a citizen of Chile admitted admitted to hospital in & # 39; Puerto Montt. Meanwhile, the dead totaling six.

Cases mentioned, seven patients are floating isolation hospital in Esquel, two intensive care and another in intensive care for children f'Bariloche.

F & # 39; this context, it was decided suspend the National Fine Fruit Fiesta, Scheduled for next weekend in the town of El Hoyo. Daniel Cárdenas, mayor of the city, also confirmed the suspension of the celebrations of Craftsmen, f & # 39; Epuyén and Steam Train, f & # 39; Maitén.

"To cut the chains & # 39; transmission of the outbreak has decided to postpone all the festivals by mid-February, not only for infectious issue but also regarding what has been living community of the mountain range" Pizzi today Monday.

Hantavirus is a virus transmitted by infected rodents can produce haemorrhagic fever viral infection, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, or pulmonary syndrome & # 39; Hantavirus, lung disease very serious

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