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The heat and humidity create ideal framework for mosquito proliferation; including that transmits Dengue (Aedes aegypti). The authorities & # 39; Almirante Brown and confirmed to Lanús Region & # 39; Information that work has already begun to jiġġieledhom.

The most important thing is to avoid a possible household reservoirs & # 39; artificial water where the insect can & # 39; increase. For that reason, by the secretariats of health municipalities have already begun campaigns in close proximity to raise awareness and prevent possible cases.

Admiral Brown

In dialogue with & # 39; Region & # 39; Information, The Health Secretary & # 39; Almirante Brown, Alejandro Costa, stated that the operations & # 39; Prevention started in the district.

First, the tasks are focused on training and education of health workers Municipality, in charge of health promoters. Then, the work will be directed to the community "to raise awareness about the arrival of the first heat and higher humidity to reduce the number of & # 39; potential hatcheries can be at home", said officer.

As the main recommendation, Costa pointed out "to prevent the accumulation of & # 39; water at & # 39; 'containers. "The question is to throw the useless containers and covers or turn useful containers, but without water", he said.

According to him commented, yet the fumigation tasks are required, mainly due to the fact that the municipality did not surface flooded for long periods, despite the recent storms which affected several neighboring region.


From Municipality & # 39; Lanús said operations started in & # 39; October will deepen at the end of & # 39; November. It is about "integral public space operations, Health and the municipality Communication", are detailed.

The campaign consists & # 39; descacharrización, to avoid any element of & # 39; & # 39 can scrap; serve as mosquito breeding, fumigation, cuts grass and awareness via the web, media and informational leaflets locations. "Generally, tasks continue until the end of summer so we probably will be until March", said.


Caused by a virus that is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito bite, the disease can & # 39; produces severe forms of the disease and even death. Because of this, they seek to take precautions to avoid contagion, especially people who plan to travel to countries bordering the border and Central America.

Those who visit areas with & # 39; & # 39 viral circulation, dengue, it is necessary in the weeks after the trip be careful presence of & # 39; symptoms such as fever, pain & # 39; headache (especially in the eye area), sore rashes, nausea and vomiting. Because of these symptoms, you should go to the nearest Health Unit or consult your doctor to receive appropriate treatment. Do not automatic.

Other recommendations are: the use of & # 39; clothes & # 39; long sleeves and long pants, if they are carried out in outdoor activities; use of & # 39; repellent on exposed skin and clothing, b & # 39; applications every 3 hours; use of & # 39; spirals or repellent tablets in households; avoid exposure to the outside during the first hours of & # 39; in the morning and in the evening, moments & # 39; the greatest mosquito activity.

In the case of children, protect the cribs or strollers b & # 39; mosquito net by staying out, insofar proper ventilation. Regarding the use of & # 39; repellent, is discouraged that they are applied in infants under two months. Do not use under clothing, or on wounds or irritated skin.

Finally, it is also important to eliminate or empty bins, cans, bottles, tires or tires, and other containers that can & # 39; contain water and are open. Keep the containers are not being used & # 39; above. Nostrils and clean curves, change the water from vases or change b & # 39; wet surface, and change the water every three days containers aquatic plants, from fish tanks and troughs & # 39; the animals.

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