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Having said that was not enough, Urtubey will give his salary to charities


bad drinks for governor & # 39; Salta a judgment on his salary Source: LA Nacion – Credit: Enrique Villegas

The governor & # 39; Salta,

Juan Manuel Urtubey

, Informed today that will give his salary to entities & # 39; & # 39 public good; that province, after the controversy generated after the chief executive of the provincial agent said that the salary received as an official
Public m & # 39; has enough to survive.

"I do not have the salary of & # 39; governor to live in. Fortunately, I am dedicated to agriculture," said Urtubey in the program.
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, And was deprived wave & # 39; criticism. Today, two days later, the Peronist leader posted a message on social networks announcing: "I decided to give my salary as governor for bodies & # 39; public good in my province until the end of my term. "

"I believe that politics is a public service, the misinterpretation of statements made by me and taken out of context requires clarification, I admit that can & # 39; is clearer, but nammettix bad faith", continued.

The governor, who is part of the non-Kirchner Peronist sector, added: "I repeat that, thanks to our private activity, the policy is not the basis of my life and my family, not ngħixxix from politics .

From the governance & # 39; Salta indicated to Urtubey Télam that is dedicated to raising pigs to agricultural activity and also, at the same time ensured that the salary of & # 39; governor is & # 39; $ 86 834.

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