Tuesday , September 27 2022

He came to steal candy shop, was captured by customers and was beaten


A man who wanted to steal in sweeteners & # 39; Villa Adelina was surprised by The reaction & # 39; & # 39 group; customers, Which managed to arrest him after naqqsuh to blows.

The event happened on Sunday at 17.30 at Sweet Colon, Bakery business located in & # 39; Vida de Mayo 1198 in the district town & # 39; San Isidro of & # 39; Buenos Aires.

The sequence, which was registered by local security cameras, they caught the moment when the thief, Characterized by & # 39; dark glasses and b & # 39; handkerchief, to make the concrete when it is theft to setting boxes.

However, the plan as expected ħademx.

After the thief approached the cashier to perform theft, burly customer, peeled and left jtirxlu reduced to & # 39 punches, kicks and fist. "You will come only when I am!" The man who faced him shouted him.

Having been checked and immobilized with & # 39; successful, other residents of the neighborhood were surrounded by the assailant and did the task. But there was also some confusion, since there were other customers who have tried to separate thought it was just a fight.

"I broke up a fight, I did not know until the police arrived ", said Leandro in dialogue with the channel TN about injury left at & # 39; hands. "I turned quickly as I could, because I thought it was armed, it will enter a & # 39; Full oven without weapons?" He added. And revealed "I had already experienced a similar event with & # 39; other criminals"

The attacker was arrested by police after the employee filed a complaint. But given the award of "attempt & # 39; theft "Without weapons, the accused was already free.

"I did not finished the report at the police station to let"Said Leandro." I live three blocks away and I have five daughters. I am afraid & # 39; not for me but for my family, "he concluded about the possibility of & # 39; retaliation.

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