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He committed suicide on the dentist couple was missing from last week – 21/01/2019

The couple & # 39; Gissella Calle Solís (47), the dentist & # 39; Berisso was reported missing the last week, committed suicide in & # 39; & # hotel at 39, La Plata when the police was about to enter her room.

The man, 55 years Casimiro named Abel Campos, shot himself in the head in & # 39; hotel near the Cathedral & # 39; La Plata and died a few hours later in the hospital.

Meanwhile, search continues for women. Since last hours Police did different skills in your home, Where her sister said that there is "awkward spots" on the mattress and the sheets are missing. Researchers are also trying to find one of the two mobile phones used Gissella and yet could not be located. "According to let us know what family, had two phones, one was found in the house and the other does not currently found," said prosecutor Ana Medina during a conversation with & # 39; TN.

The family Gissella was reported that the disappearances had occurred having "had a strong fight with her partner".

The last contact the family had with & # 39; Gissella was last Tuesday evening, when brother Roberto talked with him on phone and it was after that in the next conversation.

"On Wednesday qomt and ċempajtha, but she rajtnix, iddajtajna again Thursday and is mitfini, therefore sent my nephew home, but she never opened the door," she explained.

It added that on Wednesday, the last time we saw, the dentist had made a "strong discussion" with her partner.

The prosecutor reported that according to what they could rebuild the & # 39; now, Casimiro had no complaints about gender violence. But they can determine that there was a situation & # 39; conflict because the man had family in & # 39; Lobería. "We are working with & # 39; some clues to nirrikostitwixxu recent steps taken by Casimiro," said the prosecutor.


The family & # 39; Gissella provided the following phones for those who can provide information: 0221 15-620-7807 or 0221 423-1403.

The poster to disseminate the family & # 39; Gissella Calle Solís.

The poster to disseminate the family & # 39; Gissella Calle Solís.

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