Sunday , June 11 2023

He received a lung transplant and the donor of his allergy was taken


A woman from the United States received a lung transplant and when they will be discharged, allergy had inherited from her donor.


The incident occurred in California, when a woman who was going to be discharged, after receiving lung transplant, had to be hospitalized because of strange symptoms. The woman had weight in her chest and had difficulty breathing and when asked doctors, discovered that suffered the same allergy like her donor.

The woman said that doctors would have a sandwich with peanut butter, and could sense that there was a problem. The woman & # 39; 68 said it was never discovered an allergy to some kind of & # 39; food, but donor so I was not forbidden to eat peanut butter.

He was diagnosed wrong, he thought he had a simple allergy and was something much worse

the donor, A young man & # 39; 22 years old, was allergic to these foods and by comments & # 39; specialists not unusual that the person receiving the transplant has the same features. Now the woman who is the transplant product can not eat almonds, cashew, coconut and hazelnuts. Doctors will continue to do studies to see if this fails or it is chronic allergy slightly.

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