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He worked 15 years with & # 39; mussels but never imagined this terrible end


5 & ​​# 39; December 2018

It sculptor who spent a lot of time working with the work of & # 39; her art, but now everything has changed forever.

The Canadian plastic artist Gillian Genser he proposed major work took much time and effort: for more than 15 years, was doing sculpture & # 39; the first man, Adam, Based on shells mussels.

Since 2003, the woman started with & # 39; this hard work was worth even more of an effort. The last Wednesday, by magazine Toronto LifeHe said it brought serious consequences.

To make this work, Genser cooked mussels and worked with remnants to go & # 39; ahead with his work: days spent 12 hours dig and sanding.

But after a few months, the first symptoms appeared. For first started pain & # 39; headache and vomiting, And then its mobility. When picked up his tools also suffered from muscle pain.

The worst moment was for 2013, when could not leave out of bed after some unbearable pain in his body. The weakness was becoming more b & # 39; robust and could not tell the complete sentences, even lose ability & # 39; trial in South left ear. F & # 39; this sense, he confess "I thought I was dying, but I wanted to complete my sculpture & # 39; Adam. "

He went on antidepressants, antipsychotics and tranquilizers, but it does nothing helped. When they asked if doctors if they worked with & # 39; toxic materials, it is noted that only natural products such as egg shells, animal bones, coral, dried plant or the same mussels.

Hundreds & # 39; turtles appeared lifeless on the Mexico coast

But in 2015, a blood test showed that the woman had very high levels of & # 39; arsenic and lead, and was diagnosed with & # 39; A poisoning & # 39; heavy metal. Specialist explained that the shells and bones accumulate toxins, and that part of the metal entered the body to breathe dust breath came.

"I did not nħalliha unfinished. All have been suffering for nothing"He said he asked his work & # 39; Adam "My beautiful Death". The woman still does not recover and still risks suffering from neurological diseases such as those & # 39; or & # 39 Parkinson; Alzheimer's.

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