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Hebe de Bonafini They claim that goes to the oral process – 03/12/2018


Federal prosecutor Paloma Ochoa asked Judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi in the case known as Sueños Compartidos, go to oral and public trial. In the first part, he asked the brothers Sergio and Pablo Schoklender, the former secretary of Public Works José López, and sub-secretary & # 39; the area, Abel Fatala, go to process. Now, it has taken in order Hebe de Bonafini despite calling number & # 39; measures "to end the instructions in relation to them," the judge stated that the investigation was concluded and therefore, asked the owner & # 39; Mothers & # 39; Plaza de Mayo is still going to trial.

The last year, the federal judge Martínez de Giorgi carried prosecution & # 39; Bonafini and score & # 39; people involved in the "Sueños Compartidos", found them by responsible for crime & # 39; fraud fraudulent administration at the expense of public administration, As "necessary participants, with regard to funding provided by the Public Works Secretariat of the Nation during the Kirchnerism.

F & # 39; May & # 39; this year, the judges Leopoldo Bruglia and Martín Irurzun confirmed such prosecutions and to revoke the lack of & # 39; merit was declared over JULIO DE VIDO, adding further prosecution for fraud.

Justice, Bonafini "knew the financial mismanagement that lawyers Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Foundation was established". That is why its prosecution as a participant in the offense and Schoklender brothers as the perpetrators.

Thus, it was stated that the owner & # 39; Mothers "at least participated in & # 39; these tasks approving illegal balance sheet of the institution and b & # 39; abusive way authorize outsourcing the company Meldorek SA services that were contracted directly to the Foundation ".

The fraud attributed to the owner of Mothers Association & # 39; Plaza de Mayo to reach 206 million pesos, According to an investigation initiated after publication & # 39; & # 39 Clar in; mid-2011 initially led by Judge Norberto Oyarbide summoned, which finally ended separated from the case.

F & # 39; this context, the Prosecutor Paloma Ochoa already asked the judge to move & # 39; ahead with the process of the oral proceedings. And now it also included a Bonafini after Judge Martínez De Giorgi said that should include the owner & # 39; mothers in the request for an increase, despite the fact that the Office representative of the Public Prosecutor size which had yet to take any measures.

"The fact that designated to indicate the brothers Schoklender as those who gave them orders to collect the checks issued by the Mothers Foundation of Plaza de Mayo does not prevent the possibility of & # 39; participation & # 39; Hebe María Pastor in illicit maneuver investigated here as well does not mean his ignorance about it, "said the judge.

therefore, The Ochoa Prosecutor reiterated that the measures "are fundamental to clarify the possible intervention of & # 39; ' Bonafini, And of a request to send to process "in order not to delay the progress of the process."

Hebe is attributed as a secondary participant in the fraud to the government for funds received by the Foundation for the construction of & # 39; housing. The owner & # 39; Mother is charged with approving the action & # 39; the Schoklender brothers in deviation of & # 39; public funds for purposes other than the construction of & # 39; social housing.

During the investigation it was established that the Schoklender brothers used the Mothers Association of Plaza de Mayo, as their foundation agents, f & # 39; collusion with & # 39; public officials, to manage and get state funds illegally.

F & # 39; this regard, stated that Sergio Ochoa Schoklender "organized mechanism to work directly targeted tasks given by & # 39; irregular manner to the Foundation Mothers & # 39; Plaza de Mayo, which could. "

F & # 39; this regard, the requirement states that to achieve "the maneuver successful, an agreement was signed between public officials of the Ministry of Public Works, the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Foundation and finally, provinces and municipalities, under which it was contracted for the execution of the works to the Foundation ".

The General Audit of the Nation had found that 206,438,454.05 pesos can not be associated with & # 39; payments related to labor management, namely, that were diverted of his original destiny. The Foundation dealt with a total of & # 39; 748 719 414 pesos. I mean, "23.54% of the total funding granted was stolen", According to the prosecutor's opinion.

At the time, the judge argued that he could & # 39; "partly create circuit that funds sent by the Kirchner government to the Foundation for the construction of & # 39; followed houses and" illegally removed from the objective their ".

The period in which this operation took place temporarily coincides with & # 39; many transactions in which beneficiaries (the defendants) and companies with ties benefited, without any other reason to justify " said the court. were identified 19 firm run by Meldorek and Antarctica.

The charges were also confirmed in the case of & # 39; washing & # 39; money to thirteen other person related to the "caves" used to change the controls received from the State Foundation. Among these Alejandro Gotkin, Caparrós José Fernando Gómez, Guillermo and Gustavo Serventich GREPPI. Also for these thirteen ipproċessaw embargoes reached 250 million pesos.

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