Wednesday , March 22 2023

His baby & # 39; 19 months old was crying, did not know how he escaped twice jikkalmah and on earth: he qatelh


The assassin is & # 39; 21; arrived at the hospital said they "have fallen", but ended admit what they have done

Case incredible generate awareness, for which a young man & # 39; 21 made; talked her child, she did not know how tikkalmah down twice and left her on the floor, Which, He killed him.

The horrific crime took place in the city & # 39; & # 39 Santa Fe; Villa Gobernador Galvez, near Rosario.

The mother of the child came to the hospital with the baby in her arms, saying "we felt & # 39 ;, is very bad", doctors spot.

The stepfather -homicida- came just minutes later with the same version, but when he was questioned by police, the child & # 39; 21 broke, and accepted that came twice on the ground to stop crying. He was arrested for the crime & # 39; intentional homicide.

Noelia Z., 20 years, shouted in Gamen Hospital. Doctors found a baby & # 39; 19 months in cardio-respiratory arrest and a severe head trauma. The boy died soon came in intensive care.

"The pediatric team has done Resuscitation work, but failed nirkuprah, had trauma to the skull b & # 39; cut cutting & # 39; at a & # 39; before and b & # 39; lateral eskumprazzjoni on face, for us, given the type of & # 39; injuries, suspected & # 39; abuse ", explained Marcelo Minicucci, of the health center director.

At first, Brian F., The owner, said that the baby was in his care and had fallen while trying tikkalmah, but its reconstruction was filled with contradictions and ended by saying the killing.

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