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Hot Metal: rċitata couple is a premise to have sex in a row & # 39; advance – 26/11/2018

In full show of the metal band Machine Head, They started as a couple of audience were keeping sex in the first row.

During his tour, the American band was going through playlist f & # 39; San Diego, California –the last 21-, after more than a decade & # 39; absence, at the time episode the band was slowly subliming of & # 39; tremendous complement. How to tell JAF, If you leave out your hair in the wind, is the heavy metal through your veins …

Much excitement The music effect & # 39; Machine Head had unexpected consequences ... (Picture: Twitter)

Much excitement The music effect & # 39; Machine Head had unexpected consequences … (Picture: Twitter)

The thing is that the last couple & # 39; affection distorted boys and caught the attention of patoviki located in & # 39; subway. If they say that the charango has sexual power, let's imagine a pneumatic hammer & # 39; that heavy … The group tweeted on the verge of & # 39; infarct: "When a boy and girl to have sex expelled, first row ?! You know it will end in sadness. No kidding! * … wow, what a welcome given us, we are amazed! Thank you very much San Diego."

The data bear this "The couple was withdrawn withdrawn for safety." The show – the one and rocks – made in the neighborhood House of Blues in town. "It was total madness," said Metalhead.

The public demonstration of affection led to another ambiguous grace of group: Undoubtedly the best performance we have seen and one of the wildest and most emotional of the whole tour! Many thanks to everyone for a night & # 39; rage unusable! "

One good Machine, as recently little was known about them has x & # 39; intersects with advanced stage of its decomposition. Two months ago guitarist Phil Demmel and drummer Dave McClain announced that they would leave the band, even if the singer Robb Flynn he made a Men Pact with its audience to ensure that Machine Head will continue to play and that "those two subjects" will be replaced properly.

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