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How to make calls in & # 39; WhatsApp easily and quickly group


Calls and video calls at WhatsApp group have been long ago, but the process is somewhat cumbersome. This update simplify and improve function.

Call video group
Call video group

Several months ago WhatsApp It incorporated the option & # 39; calls and video calls group, but the process is usually somewhat expensive. First, you should ask the person and then invite the rest. Possibly, once used, becomes customary; but for new users is not easy.

Fortunately, the calls of the group will be simplified by WhatsApp & # 39; re updating. From "WaBetaInfo" ttestjawha both iOS and Android, and it works. You must call the members & # 39; group by clicking on a button & # 39; new call and select the contact in question.

This change is positive, although it has some conditions to be considered. You & # 39; & # 39 to start calling; group & # 39; people, only if they are in the same group. Added & # 39; that you should have these people on the list & # 39; contact.

The new button to call the group & # 39; WhatsApp It will be located in the bar & # 39; on, next to the name of the group. Limiting members & # 39; & # 39 Group remains; the same: four & # 39; people. And if they are more in the group, you select the contacts you want to call.

The step by step & # 39; WaBetaInfo
The step by step & # 39; WaBetaInfo

The novelty can & # 39; shown in beta new version & # 39; WhatsApp, so in the coming days, weeks or months will be activated for all mobile phones.

Source: Xataka Movil. via | WaBetaInfo.

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