Sunday , December 5 2021

How to use WhatsApp in your account & # 39; two different devices


Until now, the famous instant messenger chat can & # 39; only be used by one device, because of its link with & # 39; phone number. However, WhatsApp has already made public soon ruled that the link between the telephone numbers and user accounts, which incorporates the use of QR codes.

Anas, developers & # 39; other apps launched ZapClone, simple application, currently available only for Android, which allows you to use two different devices WhatsApp profile, imitation & # 39; WhatsApp Web session.

For now the application

For now, the application & # 39; ZapClone is only available for Android.

To use this application, it is only necessary to maintain the two devices in hand, through download & # 39; Google Play and niżżluh on the secondary device. Once this is done, it is necessary to create an account in the app and then will give a QR code, which will find in the area & # 39; configuration, and finally we will have to scan from the main device.

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