Thursday , December 9 2021

"I hear & # 39; you …" Cris Morena praised in her nephew, Franco Yan!


Son & # 39; Romina YanFranco Giordano Yan, became life figure & # 39; mother. The small player, the composer and musician became known in tribute moving and emotional to his mother and from that moment he became a leading figure in the entertainment world and the first to emphasize his talent was nothing more and nothing less than a grandmother, Cris Morena.

The producer, director and trader could not stop recognize talent & # 39; Franco and decided to share the account & # 39; His Instagram message & # 39; dedicated offer to his nephew: "I hear & # 39; you sing, sweet and passionate beloved grandchildren!", were the words that accompanied the video which you & # 39; hear T- child & # 39; Romina singing classical music: "I've seen face" by The Beatles.

Roman yan

Publication & # 39; Cris caused much encouragement in social networks, given that cyber prevented through the occasion and noticed an obvious similarity to the left with & # 39; mother, Romina Yan. "Your nephew Cris is beautiful," "Genius", "Beautiful, like your mother" and "It's amazing x & # 39; think Romi", were some of the messages to the users of the network photographic wrote.

It seems that Franco managed to re & # 39; obtains the image & # 39; mother and do it the right way, not only saw his physical similarity, since the man is responsible for demonstrating that he also inherited talent & # 39; Romina and little by little, he maintains his place in – will certainly show business name appears in the media and will be built in complicated atmosphere & # 39; the show.

See the publication & # 39; Cris Morena:

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