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"I played broken head" – 11/28/2018


Blas Giunta was, is and will be an emblem for Boca. A man who left everything when he showed blue and gold and speaks and says what he feels. C & # 39; est why he does not walk around now. After his Admiral Brown 4-2 against Deportivo Español for Metropolitan B, the former midfielder was crystallized when asked what he would do in & # 39; this shame superclásico …

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Blas Giunta, he was f & # 39; Boca.

"I nilgħabhom day, I'll do it, I have no problems … If asked anyway. Both have broken head had all ", Blas Armando said and repeat the verb play as to make its message more clearly if it had faced in the River & # 39; half the absurdity so.

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During a conversation with & # 39; ESPN, the game & # 39; Almirante Brown added: "Similarly, to say that everything that happened to correspond. God says x & # 39; is happening"

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After the advertisement was suspended and when asked Boca points and is awaiting the CONMEBOL failure, Giunta showed teeth, as usual …

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