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Instagram: Thalia is battering to find a dirty place in cinema and nobody wanted to purge Video | celebrities | Mexico. | I do not remember. | Natt Natasha | Slow | People & # 39; Area | Shows


The Mexican singer Thalia, is one of the musical artists to share on Instagram messages, photos and different videos b & # 39; reference to the songs, the family and its new projects, expressing his emotion. However, when considered that the outing & # 39; weekends – in the company of his family – would be unforgettable and very good reason to publish on social networks, it was totally the opposite.

It turns out that the interpreter & # 39; "do not remember", talking with & # 39; Natt Natasha, decided to go to the movies, but did not imagine it would take bitter moment to find the seat – would seating, filled with tomatoes, popcorn and other Although it criticized the staff working in the establishment, says, nobody took charge of the incident, and therefore had to find an immediate solution.

"I went to the closet where all things are to clean, I picked up a bag because the seat to me touched is filled with a & # 39; fat, disgusting, filled with food, hotdog, and did not want inaddfuh", he heard & # 39; said something angry in & # 39; Talia in the video is divided on the stories of & # 39; his Instagram.

'I already covered my site with plastic, with a garbage bag was found, see everything wet as it was, "says the singer while it seems that cinema seats were fluid," says the actress f & # 39; other video which is posted on Instagram, where he has a little more than 12 million followers.

Despite this acidic moment, the singer finished jokes and took a picture in the seat, which covered with plastic, where drawing a smile from ear to ear.

Thalia photo shared on Instagram


Thalia crossed another photo on Instagram


Thalia video posted on Instagram Instagram

Of & # 39; worth mentioning that Thalia and People & # 39; Area They came a few weeks ago the videoclips of & # 39; "LENTO", which has received good comments on social networks.

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