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It fax his death to depress & # 39; insurance and started a new life in Brazil: it will not be judged – 12/03/2018


The man who fax it to death so your family and partner are able to collect life insurance, has no criminal sanction because a judge decided to close the case with & # 39; prescription. The measure would benefit Ariel Darío Leite Dos Santos, his wife and former partner, who were charged with the offense of & # 39; & # 39 attempts; fraud.

The judicial investigation begun in & # 39; January 2015 when & # 39; insurance company filed a complaint after Dos Santos Leite established that He was not drowned in the South the Uruguay River waters 2 & # 39; January, 2011, But was based in the Brazilian city & # 39; Curitiba, where he became a prosperous businessman linked & # 39; industry & # 39; IT.

F & # 39; that occasion, the men entered the water with the intention of cool and was never seen again. There was operation & # 39; search that extended a hundred kilometers downstream, but without results.

The woman and former partner & # 39; Leite Dos Santos started legal proceedings to obtain a certificate of her death to gather life insurance the man was connect.

Four & # 39; years later, the insurance company filed a criminal complaint with & # 39; documents proving that the alleged victim was actually He was f & # 39; good posture and was staying in the city & # 39; Curitiba, South of Brazil.

In addition to the request for presentation to & # 39; the Brazilian authorities, the insurer revealed documents showing Leite Dos Santos as owner of a computer company "Viginter", on Calle Profesora Olivia Nogueira 515 in & # 39; Curitiba . When everyone thought had forgotten him, opened account & # 39; Facebook, where he began to show his new life.

The man, who lived in Oberá, admitted that time was just six days after his disappearance began processing the identity card for foreigners in neighboring country and 20 & # 39; February 2013 obtained permanent residence. To do this, he had to submit background certificate legalized by the National Register & # 39; recurrence, which was managed document before ended.

When it was discovered the fraud, the Justice & # 39; Oberá admitted that "from the moment the rumor was circulating that everything stopping to get rid of creditors"Before the media and Justice said they had to disappear for his own safety and his family.

Only in 2014, Dos Santos Leite contacted his parents again and told them about his new life. F & # 39; in January 2015, appeared before the court and obtained authorization to return in & # 39; Kuritiba, where no longer return.

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