Sunday , May 28 2023

Italy raises hand to receive the Argentine Superclásico


This weekend, the most important game in America was canceled twice because of violence between the bars.

The end – return – Libertadores cup It was not disputed last Saturday as scheduled yesterday and less.

The Argentine superclásico for m & # 39; data has to play.

the – River Plate-Boca Juniors It was a scandal because of the attack on the bus Xeneize, in which two players were hit & # 39; one of their eyes.

the – CONMEBOL sergħa tomorrow with the president & # 39; River and Boca to confirm the new date & # 39; this commitment. There are many rumors, but there is talk that even leaving the Monumental stadium because the sanction requires Boca Juniors.

The bus & # 39; Boca Juniors was attacked in the outskirts of the Monumental stadium.

One of the people who raised their hands to host one of the most anticipated performances this year was Stefano Anzalone, Director of Sport & # 39; Genoa, which He sent a letter to Daniel angelic and Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio, the presidents & # 39; Boca and River, respectively, to the Superfinal played in his home town.

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"Our city, near b & # 39; historical way, cultural and sports to Buenos Aires, feel very deep links and indissoluble with its two prestigious clubs stopped by our compatriots emigrated from Italy to Argentina, at the beginning a & # 39; 1900, and today ġemellew with our teams, Genoa and Sampdoria ', start writing.

The president & # 39; Genoa offered its stadium to play radical game.

And further: "The events & # 39; pain suffered recently raised deep sense of & # 39; rediskopjar of community & # 39; our roots. Therefore, I am pleased to inform you that Our city is honored and is ready to host this important and prestigious event final Cup and classic Argentine capital ".

The stadium Luigi Ferraris located in Northwest & # 39; Italy and yesterday hosted the 1-1 draw between Genoa and Sampdoria in classical.

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