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Jesús María, day 10: the festival had a very festive enclosure & # 39; the Indio Rojas and Los Palmeras

The Indio Lucio Rojas, animator great moment Festival

Jesús María. With championship rider resolved early, closing the Festival of Jesus Maria Jesus proposed a dual program of folklore and cumbia santafesina well. F & # 39; midnight, the amphitheater became fully complete and organization reported that almost 10 thousand ticket had been sold.

Mużikalment, the evening took artists balance feeling with the public. It happened first with & # 39; Los Trajinantes and later with & # 39; Los Carabajal. Those & # 39; Santiago del Estero have repertoire to play and stay expect the public complete each stanza. M & # 39; is no coincidence that have been on stage for 50 years. And Musha was very excited. It was not for less.

50 years later, Los Carabajal still valid

F & # 39; year & # 39; presidential elections, at least sounds gave much space to camera and governor & # 39; Salta, Juan Manuel Urtubey and his wife Isabel Macedo. He entered in the field Peruvian dressage horse, accompanied by Jorge Rojas, and wearing authentic gaucho of & # 39; Güemes.

Rare for a festival which is always delete any type & # 39; political favoritism. It is the sign of the passing hours, but if they want to discuss indoor continue to maintain the prestige of & # 39; independent as ever irfigħu flag.

Urtubey and Isabel Macedo had generous minutes & # 39; air

Before the awards ceremony for champions of the rider, the prizes awarded to excellent musicians edition. The distinction of honor went to "Vichito" Echeverría; The honorable mention, for Salta 3; The revelation, for Indian & # 39; Now; and consecration, to Cabale.

Three countries joined in & # 39; Championship

Midnight brought the virtuoso violin Néstor GARNICA with his wind. By & # 39; album was recently released, he found some new songs and well-known in & # 39; balanced doses.

Néstor GARNICA "descosió" with his violin

Their solos were wasting & # 39; virtues and reminded many in the huge tradition that combines the violin with & # 39; Santiago del Estero. its end b & # 39; instrumental version & # 39; Rancho del la Chacarera It deserves generous applause. GARNICA had to play Violin Chacarera, But did not place and retiring b & # 39; some sadness.

First of consecrated

Once passed the first jump & # 39; El Indio Lucio Rojas, who lit amphitheater b & # 39; two good chacareras, deleted brand and See you again & # 39; Other. "Let's sing for love, for faith, for hope," he said, saying the right night and promise nonora people born there. References to the mountain and the Pilcomayo River were missing.

Jesús María on the feet & # 39; Indian Lucio Rojas in closing

F & # 39; this time it is clear that the Rojas family decided to distribute musical affinities in their artistic careers and the Indian is much more comfortable to revolve around folklorita. It comes naturally. In addition, it carried six musicians, more choirs, more dancers, a very tidy and colorful stages. And singing and dancing makes an effort.

The – versions & # 39; Chaqueñamente, You will titlefni, everlasting love, and Take me.

As announced in the program, for Jorge Rojas joined efforts and & # 39; and Alfredo Lucio completed the removal of tying feast, f & # 39; ampfiteatru José Hernández was already well alight. The Reds have proven their effectiveness as a trio and turn of & # 39; some sing and dance classics that made up 12 thousand souls present. Everything seemed to come to an end Partner guitar and Of those that make you dance, But the dessert fruit comes.

The Rojas, protagonist of the meeting on the set of Indian

There again & # 39; Lucio embraced appeared to Musha Carabajal, who was calling to Kali, Walter, and to Blas Sansierra, and & # 39; Los Rojas tuned Sundays santiagueños, From the road bridge, and Enter my payment without hitting. Apoteotiku if to lower the curtain and say enough!

Los Rojas and Los Carabajal happy f'iltaqgħu

The Rolling Stones of cumbia

Can & # 39; a better start than with a Los Palmeras & # 39; Killer bonbon? Definitely not. That is, the first theme was released the mad & # 39; whole field that has not stopped dancing from that moment and for the next two hours. If Mansor of Santiagueños are the Rolling Stones of Folklore, Los Palmeras with jikkatalġahomx Rolling Stones as the cumbia? Although the band is a big number, the spine is akkordjon Marcos Caminos, which gives a very interesting dynamic to their songs. For Road MONOLIT necessary to raise it. Your instrument is responsible for much rhythm.

"To shine my love, let going", monument & # 39; Palmerazo

B & # 39; difference from the modern quartet, the cumbia dance santafesina from Los Palmeras is like saying that "declining to change". They print flavorings, but the power is beautiful and you & # 39; tiżfin for hours without feeling bad.

The akkordjonista Marcos Caminos had lit night

And what are historical ones is to convert any song to Palmeras format, regardless of genre. It was noted, for example, b & # 39; forget, And also with & # 39; going. There they put you in a The beast pop Patricio Rey and virtually not matter if Indio (the other, Solar) and SKAY not there. "To like my love, let's depart", cumbiaba delighted audience.

In the field of dressage, chacarera and cumbia in & # 39; equal doses

The extended into the body santafesina cumbia magnetism & # 39; each of those who have passed to the end. After 4:30, there was only the satisfaction bundle & # 39; very pleasant moment with & # 39; festival in & # 39; 9 nights (had to suspend one) sold more than 120 thousand ticket.

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