Friday , August 12 2022

Jiddubblu that defense & # 39; Juan Darthés was encouraged, supported Eva de Dominici to Thelma odd, its former partner in "Patil Ugly"


Thelma odd and Eva from Dominici kastmi children were in the band Ugly Ducklings, which was a great success. This Tuesday afternoon, during a press conference of the collector & # 39; the actress Argentinas, said that was odd was encouraged raped by Juan Darthés, Another member of fiction produced by Ideas del Sur to El TRECE.

"I hug you Thelin @soythelmafardin ? ", Eva wrote on the account & # 39; her Instagram, following the remarks of his colleague," I give infinite thanks to @mariaddominici sister, who at the age of & # 39; 18 years was the only one in my family with all her love by hand designating the first day and told me that even if it hurts, I open my eyes … Hope for new generations ", he said.

Moreover, in & # 39; social network, is divided into a video that Thelma had details that traumatic episode & # 39; abuse he suffered when he was 16 years in Nicaragua, which filed the complaint against Darthés the last week.

CALU Rivero was the first actress to denounce the player because qerdetha on records sweet love. F & # 39; that moment, Eva went to support Juan b & # 39; public way, convinced of his innocence. Then, sorry for his behavior and apologized to his colleague. And before the statements of his former friends & # 39; ugly DucklingsHe explained why it took the position.

"I defended at the moment many people started. I considered him a friend, one of those exceptional companions always helped and brought itself well to my family and me. At the time I thought CALU was confused by the lack of & # 39; comfortable & # 39; scene. And since I personally experienced the abuse of power following women (as also happens) and my family and I felt so much affection for the person complained, did not think or want to believe, "said Dominici.

"But then I found out about other things, about women who have suffered similar situations, Until I found out about Thelma and I stajjajtni. I am also part of those tours, I 12 years in & # 39; that time my father was and ask that same man intend to take, and he always made ", He added.

"Talking on the phone with & # 39; Thelma started with desires, my heart. Since that was not the person I knew, I felt great disappointment, and responsibility to publicly defended the wrong person came to me ", Eva said on Instagram.

"There I skużajt privately and then publicly, so I sometimes difficult to near & # 39; to akkużatni left a friend, said he was sure that he did not have & # 39; do something like that, something girl caused. Never understood where motivation comes from my death. We have all patrijarkija children inkorporajna in the female flies first, they put us macho chip in your head and so we were blaming women, and b & # 39; so we employee indicates freely, and agreed to be part of the game, we witches. The Patrijarkija killed both women and men, and our minds are rotten. They wanted to distract attention and we encourage today ", he concluded.

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