Wednesday , May 25 2022

Juanita Tinelli, on vacation in the Caribbean with & # 39; the bride and her mother, Florencia Peña


Florence Peña Mom is in excellent league. shown when Juanita Tinelli the proposal was traveling with her boyfriend, Tomás Oteroand it the Caribbean. The daughter & # 39; Marcelo Tinelli He did eżitax and resigned the holidays with his family in blood & # 39; Punta del Este to enjoy a few days & # 39; relaxation with your cutting on Mexican beaches.

The relationship between children and Tinelli Flor was whiteness, the mother and daughter have ample samples good relationship connecting through various assignments in the accounts of their respective Instagram. It was therefore not surprising that, in recent days, the previous jury & # 39; dance 2018 publishes several family photographs the paradisiacal Isla Mujeres which seemed Juanita.

"Lunch & # 39; when ", Wrote to the actress with hashtags and #modovacaciones #familia, where a photo was featured with her husband, Ramiro Ponce de León, Your younger children, Toto and Juan, And his daughter.

Meanwhile, in another picture which the young couple appeared with their youngest son, Felipe, Flor wrote: "Nice & # 39; a beauty ' and hashtags # Vacations, #familja, #amor and #dreamsplayamujeres. He also sent some videos on Instagram with Stories & # 39; the whole family together and enjoy the days off.

It must be said that already Juanita He spent & # 39; Christmas on the coast & # 39; Argentina is & # 39; his mother, Paula Robles, And then had received 2019 next to his father and brothers La Boyita on the farm, whose family has in the Uruguayan resort. So nobody criticized left for vacation with her boyfriend.

In turn, Flor, who also made a few days in & # 39; Del Mar Plata with her husband, had a few days to take advantage of it alone before arriving boys and started these vacations mounted, apparently, everyone enjoys.

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