Tuesday , March 21 2023

Julia Mengolini denounced was "censored" in & # 39; Mendoza


There was a new controversy – Mendoza in the last hours of Thursday. The journalist Julia K Mengolini was denounced censorship in our province while was speaking at & # 39; a place in the Office Fifth Division.

According to the former panelist denounced Hard to DOMAR, she and Gabriela were giving a speech at Borrel – Olegario Campus on "Communication and counterhegemony" when, according to his version and that & # 39; attendees who showed themselves in social networks, it became the owner of the premises and "cut the microphone" on the pretext of f & # 39; that the space "there is no discussion on policy".

The event, organized by the local group "tremendous Suena" and radio Futurock Buenos Aires, disseminated through social networks Campus which were invited to participate.

"We have reached us Gabi to speak to Mendoza at Campus & # 39; Olegario and Gonzalo owner Inocentti qatilna microphone in & # 39; 10 minutes because "here does not speak about" policy. It seems not like what was said. The right is by definition intolerant. We left ", wrote former girlfriend & # 39; Phyto Páez.

On the other hand, many attendants made their anger known on social networks.

The other version states that the speech, which should be about the media, led to a clear political issues, something that is not part of the nature of the post.

The event, which lasted only a few minutes, was promoted in the campus network. This is an area of ​​& # 39; coworking located on Olegario Andrade Street in & # 39; Cuada, where you & # 39; go to work, participate in & # 39; events and courses. Little by little, became a point of & # 39; reference to Mendoza entrepreneurs to get help there and also a chance to meet & # 39; Other entrepreneurs such.

Moreover, cultural events held in the Campus. One has organizers' Suena Tremendous "collective women where women artists from our province meet to, among other things, "make visible the role of women in music". That is why many people call much attention on what happened with Mengolini since f & # 39; that space, despite the diversity of events looked, political attended and not generated any problems.

"Reject what happened, violence and censorship and non-dialogue for the simple fact of talking about politics, there was no room for dialogue or debate, is inadmissible to f & # 39; democratic country it happen ", said the collective Sounds really for this newspaper.

"F & # 39; this country, freedom of expression and this right is not respected," said the girls.

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