Friday , December 3 2021

Just today and tomorrow, according to 80% for the PlayStation 4 and PS3 titles


Hundreds & # 39; titles for PlayStation 4 put in an impressive discounts & # 39; up 80% from Sony, part of an unexpected flash sales in their official store, so we had to warn to go see x & # 39; to take.

These are the Xbox and PlayStation with games & # 39; none for December

The discounts include several premium franchises with & # 39; Grand Theft Auto, Hitman, Metal Slug, Assassin & # 39; s CREEDS, Battelfield, Need For Speed, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, King of Fighters, etc. B & # 39; everything is 279 securities that are offered, so surely find some of your most coveted at an excellent price.

Among the offerings are also heading to PS3, a PS VR and accessories in the store.

Take a tour of the official PlayStation store, without a doubt this is a great opportunity to get the ball you need, why not say that we do here in onecero ngħidlekx.

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