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Justin began 2019 with & # 39; controversial tattoo on his face – 01/02/2019


Justin Bieber likes tattoos, is not new. The singer has about 60 mark on his skin, including all types & # 39; drawings and phrases on the arms, the torso, back and legs. But now, Bieber released part of his body that & # 39; now was free from ink: his face.

On his eyebrow, eIn a well sloping handwriting read the word "Grace" (Grace), time & # 39; often used in prayer and Christian writing. His choice is not surprising, since it is known that Canada has a strong obsession with his religious passion, but even so, the news caused controversy.

"Justin Bieber please m & # 39; most have a tattoo on your face. You angel account ", fan wrote. And cataract messages have gone on Twitter.

The photo circulating on networks not broadcast singer but the tattoo artist, Jon Boy, which is well known among the stars, and has already left his mark on the body of Bella Hadid and Jenner sisters.

The truth is that This is not the first religious tattoo Bieber performs. Has a large cross on his chest, the phrase "Son & # 39; God '(Son & # 39; God) in the abdomen, the face of Jesus Jesus on the back of his leg, praying hands, Among others. However, on his face that seems to be different, since there are also rumors that he dedicated to his wife, Hailey Baldwin.

The Canadian religion is related to the Hillsong church, and is a congregation that arose in & # 39; Sydney, Australia. This doctrine makes a literal interpretation of the Bible, and therefore considers abortion, homosexuality and premarital sex as a sin", Are explained by the newspaper New York Times.

Despite what they say the "beliebers his" Justin starts year optimally. just married, recently was known that the singer ended proceedings with its neighbors, which had sought him for parties and its excesses.

In the same line, After five years he was exonerated by accident he had with & # 39; Argentina photographer, which can & # 39; return to the country without risk of arrest. He will return this year?

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