Friday , August 12 2022

Justin Bieber wants to be like Jesus now married



Justin Bieber celebrated its first Thanksgiving as a married man said that "love is not always easy", but added that He is trying to be more patient and altruistic, like Jesus Christ.

The Canadian pop singer & # 39; 24 years, Who married the model Hailey Baldwin f & # 39; private civil ceremony in & # 39; in September, He told his followers on Instagram 102 million the feast & # 39; Thanksgiving on Thursday was the first organized as a host.

The first Thanksgiving as a married man, the first time that I get to host a & # 39; Thanksgiving ", wrote in & # 39; publication on Friday.

Relationships are hard and love is not always easy, but thank you Jesus to show me how! Every day is a process & # 39; learning, trying to be more like, patient, kind, altruistic, I'm missing a lot! But the grace & # 39; God is enough! "He added.

Bieber and Baldwin attend Hillsong Church, evangelical church karismatika founded in Australia in 1983 and now has subsidiaries worldwide, with a large cult & # 39; youth.

Bieber, who became famous at the age of & # 39; 15 years, and Baldwin initially confirmed their marriage with & # 39; unofficial way through & # 39; comments on social networks last week, when the singer & # 39; "Sorry" model referred to as "my wife" and she changed her name to Hailey Bieber on Instagram.

Thursday It was also the 22nd anniversary & # 39; Hailey Bieber, and the mother of singer Patti Mallette published a story on Instagram showing Justin singing "Happy Birthday" cake and present to his wife.


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