Saturday , February 4 2023

La Plata agitating & # 39; six murders in 5 days: f & # 39; Olmos and child killed in & # 39; 1 and 42 female


Yesterday there were two other cases. The adolescents & # 39; 17-year-old was shot in the head in his home & # 39; 40 between 156 and 157, apparently because of a personal matter. Near Terminal, a woman was stabbed to death

Blow, slashes and shots. Thus, under almost all possible deadly modes, six people died in & # 39; La Plata in the last five days, at a rate of & # 39; one murder every 20 hours. The last two challenged the media: it happened yesterday.

F & # 39; one, the victim was a woman (see Fighting words and prostitution as background feminicide in & # 39; pension). In the remaining cases, men & # 39; different age groups. B & # 39; everything, the underlying issue is fairly recent personal matter, that someone has decided to settle terminally.

With two murders discovered yesterday, there are already 50 people killed in the region & # 39; now this year.

A shot in the temple

The town was raised yesterday by & # 39; & # 39 another fact; blood when it was close to 6:30 in the morning and the neighbors & # 39; 40 between 156 and 157 heard the heart & # 39; girl. Without knowing the reasons, but certainly something serious was taking place, they called 911.

Daiana Aguirre, 18, had just found the body of her partner Pedro Iván Lazalde, 17, lying in the house shared, with a head wound.

The couple returned the child & # 39; back to his home with his baby in his arms and saw him lying, with a shot in the temple

The accommodation & # 39; without plaster walls came shortly after scene & # 39; new offense in & # 39; La Plata, where park-DDI of the police, the prosecutor Juan Menucci and Scientific Police experts who examined the site in search of & # 39; traces and evidence. They caught two ammunition intact, coated lead and Tramontian knife.

They checked the cabinets, furniture, the bathroom and even crib baby couple, but the weapon did not appear, having rejected the hypothesis of & # 39; suicide from the beginning. The koronaturi who reviewed the body concluded that the child died from a shot that made his left temple, from top to bottom, and left along the occipital area, a few hours before they found.

Those who do not semax the girl of the girls knew that something serious had happened to observe the unexpected landing of mobile phones. The red and white ribbons marked where. From this information, the details were not many.

The neighbors agreed to talk to & # 39; this newspaper described the neighborhood as "quiet" and indicated, unless they were identified, "the environment" of the victim. "He was not a bad kid, but she had good companies", commented one woman, before adding that Iván was f & # 39; relationship "for about two years" with the girl with & # 39; that the girl had a baby yet been able to sit & # 39; year. "

official sources confirmed to this newspaper that the girl was not home when the child was killed. In the version circulated the same neighborhood: "They argued and went with the child to the home of & # 39; mother, who lives here on the way back".

"When he returned on 6 & # 39; & # 39 with morning, the baby, he saw Ivan died b & # 39; viral in the head," said the same neighbor. Those other entered recalled hearing of & # 39; "sharp bang" f & # 39; about 3 in the morning, although it appears that no one irrapportaha to 911. "We thought someone had fired a shot in the air", explained a neighbor .

The case, originally opened as "ascertaining the causes of death", changed to "simple homicide", and advances on the testimony of members of the whole family, aware and possible witnesses. And b & # 39; material abducted by cameras & # 39; different security nearby. "M & # 39; nothing stirred, or missing, broken or openings," closed surveys, enhancing mobile "personal", although the cause is unknown, or the identity of the perpetrators.

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