Monday , November 29 2021

"La VOZ Argentina": advice & # 39; Axel to a participant who proposed the refusal of & # 39; Marley and the rest of the jury


(Video La VOZ Argentina – Telefe)

The – jury & # 39; La VOZ Argentina It integrated four & # 39; they recognized artists Axel, Soledad Pastorutti, Ricardo Montaner and Tini Stoessel. However, of course, do not always think alike when they think about the different players in the driving cycle Marley by Telefe screen.

This is the case of & # 39; what happened on Monday, when Isabel Aladro, Team Tini, He came on stage to sing "The Climb", the theme of & # 39; Miley Cyrus.

It's that time Axel He agreed with the rest of his peers to highlight his performance, he suggested would have more singing in Spanish.

"If you leave Isabel, From the first day iħobblek your voice, and we all just say, that you calm, the tranquility, the confidence in yourself that you have. simple tips to do your talent, no one doubts, but I f & # 39; in this case like now, and this is not a responsibility of & # 39; Tini because each of you already choose the songs, If you have been in your place, I would always sing in Spanish, "said the singer..

"The same sang in Spanish, with time & # 39; previously sang in Spanish, "Marley defended.

"But do not depend on the phone. For me, the last time they sang in Spanish, I liked much more. That is why you trust that Spanish you hardly good. And today, when people vote by phone, consider it vital, "stressed jury.

"But also girls like to listen Miley Cyrus, And heard it & # 39; also on the radio, "said the driver.

"S & # 39; happens is that Axel is bigger, "he said. Montaner b & # 39; ħejju and irony.
"People hear everything", he said. Marley between laughter.

"It does not because of this, it happens because you day to take the record, you'll take it in English or Spanish? "Asked the author & # 39; "Celebrate life."

"You & # 39; tieħuha English well! He left the album yet, we are f & # 39; competition, "said the driver.

"It's just right, It is advisable to always choose Spanish songs, but the message & # 39; this song seems very important to me and I will nittraduċih for people who do not know, "the participant defended.

"This talk about battles, of & # 39; everything at least I as an artist, talk to me, to get and face all the time, And this is a time when an accurate line saying that there will always be battles and I will miss some of them, and I do not speak with & # 39; explicitly about these, but I will I will allow to stop here happy, because as I before "lose here is impossible, we all won ', explained.

"That life itself, I have to say also one thing, I promise that I will be short, but I know that the public will vote for the talent of the woman, which is also nice, to dazzle on stage, so I know a lot. that beyond language, beyond any advice we can give. I do not want going in & # 39; that all discussion, what I would say is that you are a woman with & # 39; gifted, very beautiful and you do very well, then I trust that, I know that the ballot talent -pubbliku"He said The Sole.

"The talent is in English, Spanish, all languages ​​", concluded Marley.

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