Monday , November 29 2021

Lagarde, the ambassador & # 39; Argentina to G-20


Christine Lagarde, almost as a local officer, acted as host at the G20 summit agreement between Argentina and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The managing director & # 39; organization dedicated himself personally to explain the day and a half it was to participate in the summit in & # 39; Bus Buenos Aires; one signed by the government & # 39; & # 39 Mauricio MACRI in, last September with the Fund, is perfectly consistent and necessary to support Argentina underway. Lagarde, always with a smile, talking with & # 39; a head of state and finance and the minister of finance was contending; that the agreed terms and commitments to the country have been negotiated with & # 39; timely manner and supervised by her team and that is almost a personal bet. And that, in short, is his name as a guarantee. The visitor acted almost as host of the event, at least as part of the responsibility of the artificial respirator with which the Argentina economy acting in & # 39; these times and the importance to support the agreement on – "board" of the IMF. Although its role as a member of the G-20 was talking about the progress of the world economy, criticized by passing the high level & # 39; total debt and increasingly protectionist policies, the managing director explained to the toughest countries & # 39; IMF (Germany, Great Britain, Japan and France) it is necessary to continue the positive votes for the local economy can & # 39; leave in 2019 the crisis it finds itself. And, incidentally, face more opportunities & # 39; "populism" of & # 39; success, without identifying anyone by local opposition. F & # 39; Lagarde message came from, among others, the German Angela Merkel, Canadian Justin Trudeau, the French Emmanuel MACRON and Japanese Shinzo Abe. Especially the latter, the most diplomatic and critical f & # 39; Bus Buenos Aires on the progress of & # 39; Argentine economy.

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