Sunday , May 28 2023

Laurita won another enemy: Marina Calabro said because she "blood in her eyes"


As Laurita Fernández grow professionally, number & # 39; characters who criticize also growing. But the event & # 39; Marina Calabro pointed out, a figure that is very close to the dancer, said the diary & # 39; Mariana reason for her anger.

When analyzing the fight & # 39; & # 39 with Laurita; Mica Viciconte, Sebastián "Pampito" Perello, one of the panelists, emphasized the reaction of the dancer in the fight. F & # 39; then, Mary intervened to remind the clear preference of his colleague: "X & # 39; is my spot is almost sacred place puts Laurita. Always place the burden of trial participants. You find that respect to draw or eat bananas while conducting participant that & # 39; before? You are not objective and does not measure everyone by the same measure. "

This comment stated that Marina had Laurita against kingdom: "You hated with Laurita. Do not know X & # 39; is wrong with you," said panelist. Before evidence & # 39; his anger, Marina clarified: "There was an episode. I have blood in my eyes because it put Coca (mother) once & # 39; fight with & # 39; Iliana and I bit resentful. "

To the surprise and curiosity of his fans, Marina explained that Laurita was very happy with & # 39; Iliana entering a program. That surprised the actress, since it was accompanied to Laurita during her stay with & # 39; Federico Hoppe and her flirting with & # 39; Federico Bal.

Iliana made notice of his cold, and the dancer replied: "Then do not staqsix more tickets mother to be with friends", more than enough reason to keep Marina does not want sympathy.

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