Friday , March 24 2023

Lucas made Belbruno exciting version of & # 39; & # 39 Aleluya in, La VOZ Argentina


Although the public should define whether Lucas Belbruno continue on "La Argentina VOZ", The singer surprised everyone in the broadcast last night of the program leading to Marley b & # 39; very exciting version of & # 39; Hallelujah

Belbruno is blind and is one of the privileged voices of the program. However, in the previous stage, Axel but he did not choose Soledad Pastorutti It missed him and his team hah.

now, The Sole is a priority to two other singers, Sofia Morales and Darío Lazarte. therefore, Belbruno must comply with & # 39; what the public says.

However, the version thrilled everyone and faces of the jurors were more than eloquent: loneliness He showed up with & # 39; some tears, Tini I did not believe and Montaner Claimed standing.

certainly, Axel It should be a little sorry for the decision made a few weeks ago because it stopped congratulates former member of his team.

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